Pastor’s message

From the Pastor’s Heart

The month of September went by so quickly and brought a bunch of new things into the life of our family. The LORD has graciously provided a new job for Elaine! She is working at Coastal Carolina University in the Student Accounts Department. I won’t take the time here to explain how this all came about, but let me just say this: God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform! When you see Elaine, ask her about it. We want to thank all of you who spoke words of encouragement and prayed for us during this difficult time of transition while she was unemployed. Your prayers and support mean so much!

Charles is now playing UPWARD Soccer! UPWARD is a church sponsored soccer league for kids, being held at the 1st Presbyterian Church in Loris. We registered Charles and he is on a team with 7 other 1st thru 3rd Graders and guess who’s their coach? Yep, yours truly! Our Team’s Name is the Beavers and I have given us the name: The Mighty Beavers! Charles seems to really be enjoying himself and loves to play defense. Most kids like offense, he prefers defending the goal…we are very proud of him! Not only proud of him with his team play, but also with his schoolwork. He is doing extremely well this year in the 1st Grade at Kingston Elementary and on his first two spelling tests he’s gotten a 104% and 105% (he got extra points for knowing the enrichment words” which were extra credit). When you see Charles, ask him about “The Mighty Beavers” and his spelling prowess.

Last month, instead of writing a personal letter, I shared with you a letter written by Dr. Mary Havens, the Director of the Department of Lutheran Studies at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. In that letter to LCMC, she expressed her attestation of my successful completion of the Lutheran courses that were recommended by the Regional Interview Committee of LCMC. As of the date of this writing, this matter is in LCMC’s hands and I’ve been assured by Mark Vander Tuig of LCMC, that once the Regional Committee “signs off’ on my coursework and based upon Dr. Haven’s strong recommendation, that my certification with LCMC should be forthcoming and no other “hoop-jumping” will be required. As of the writing of this letter, I have not heard anything additional from the Chairman of the Regional Interview Committee or Mark Vander Tuig at LCMC. Please pray that this long arduous journey will soon come to its fitful conclusion and then…..WE CAN ALL CELEBRATE!

In my interactions with Dr. Havens, she mentioned to me that I might want to consider completing my Lutheran Studies at GCTS. Unbeknownst to me, with my undergraduate studies at Philadelphia College of Bible and my graduate level studies at Bethany Divinity College & Seminary PLUS the courses that I have already taken at GCTS, I only need to take 2 more classes (oner in the Fall and one in the Spring) and I will graduate with a Certificate in Lutheran Studies from Gordon Conwell! SO, I have enrolled in the fall class (it started last night) and will finish my last class in the Spring and graduate shortly thereafter! As my grandmother used to say, “How ’bout dem apples?” Thanks for your ongoing love and support….WE LOVE YOU ALL!

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